Guide of Setting up the Canon IJ Printer on Windows

It is well known that Canon printers produce documents, photos, and other materials with exceptional quality. In addition to offering users convenient options, these printers frequently have software tools installed that simplify tasks like printing and scanning. Furthermore, the majority of contemporary Canon printers have wireless connectivity, which enables users to print straight from the devices of their choice without requiring direct connections with cables.

How many of us experience having a never-ending list of hypothetical situations in our minds before making a printer purchase? There are undoubtedly a lot of us. Printer setup was once a difficult undertaking, but thanks to recent technological developments, it is now much easier. Thanks to modern technology, configuring your printer no longer requires technical expertise; you can do it yourself. With wireless Canon printers, you can easily prepare your important documents, emails, and photos in advance without having to deal with the headache of difficult setups.

About Canon Printers

Canon printers are the simplest to use because they walk you through every step of the setup and operation process. It also offers you high-quality downloads of the documents that are most important to you. Canon’s service providers designed these printers with quicker installation processes in mind. Canon printers come with installation instructions and are simple to use. These instructions can help you quickly configure your device. It offers high-quality downloads of the most important documents.

You will find instructions on how to set up wireless Canon printers on Windows in this blog. Don’t worry if you just bought a Canon printer and don’t know how to set it up; we can assist you. You just need to follow a set of instructions for doing the same. Moreover, the device comes with guiding pamphlets, making your installation even easier.

Configuring Windows for the Canon IJ Printer

If you have made a fresh investment in Canon’s IJ printer, then you need to worry about the setup process. This guide has been drafted exclusively for beginners to get their printer devices ready to print. Now for the setup, consider the following steps:

  • Place the cord in and switch the printer on. Find the Wi-Fi button on your Canon printer.
  • You can obtain the password and establish the connection with the aid of the instruction manual.
  • ij.start.canon, which is simply the Canon start download page, is where you can get the most recent drivers and software.
  • To begin the installation process, open the software file that you have downloaded and install it.
  • Connect your Canon printer using the Control Panel on your Windows computer once the installation is complete. Go to “Devices and Printers” and select the printer that you want to include.
  • After installing the software, just adhere to the directions to link your printer and computer.
  • To confirm the correct operation, print a test page once installation is finished.


Canon printers are the easiest to use and configure; all you need to do is follow the afore-mentioned steps properly. Moreover, if you wish to print from smartphones or tablets running iOS and Android, you ought to consider downloading and setting up the Canon print app first.

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