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ij.start.canon in order to install your Canon scanner and printer drivers. It is possible to install the most current version of your device, which comes with drivers and software for every Canon Printer model. Start disassembling the Canon Printer and following the instructions for setting up your printer by visiting ij.start.canon.

Ij.start.canon Setup Process

This Ij.start.canon Setup is about the driver or the software of Canon’s printer. By downloading the driver, it is easy to connect to the printer and print any photo in any house corner. The steps in Ij start canon setup are as follows;

  • First, you need to set up the hardware of the printer.
  • Secondly, visit https //ij.start.cannon.
  • Use the “Set up” tab to select IJ Canon model.
  • Get and install the most current driver and program.
  • When your smartphone is wirelessly connected then link it with its Wireless Network.
  • If you have the USB cable, connect to your computer via the cable.
  • Follow the remaining instructions to complete ij.start.canon.

How to Download the Canon Printer Drivers From ij.start.canon Setup?

To install the Canon printer driver from ij.start.canon on your Mac or Windows device, here are the steps.

  • Visit the official site of Canon printers via ij.start.canon in your internet browser.
  • Click on”Setup” to launch the selection window.
  • Next, type in your Canon printer’s series into the box that you need to enter it in.
  • After that, click on the Go tab.
  • Then, you need make sure that the operating system is the same one as the device you are using.
  • Click the Download button and begin the download process for Canon driver downloads for Canon printers.
  • Hit the Save button to download the driver for your printer.
  • Finally, the download process for the Canon driver for your printer is complete.

How to Install the Canon Printer Drivers From ij.start.canon Setup?

For installing the Canon printer driver on ij.start.canon to your computer (Mac or Windows) Follow these steps.

  • Tap the Agree button to authorize your license contract to take effect.
  • Like normal, open your web browser and type your URL ij.start.canonn.
  • After that then, download the Canon driver for your printer.
  • Then, navigate to the downloads folder and find the driver setup file in your gadget.
  • After that, you’ll need to start the driver file, and then press the continue button.
  • Then, enter the password and username on your device to begin the download procedure on your Mac device.
  • Following that, you must follow according to the prompts on your screen.
  • You can also choose between conventional or standard installations.
  • Select an option for connection, either wired or wireless.
  • Select the Install button, and complete the driver installation process by using ij.start.canon.
  • Click the Exit button, then restart your device to finish the process.
  • Now, the installation process is completed on your device.

How to Install the Wireless Canon Printer?

To set up the wireless connection to the Canon printer, you must follow these steps. You can visit ij.start.canon for the user’s guide.

  • Then first, download the Canon driver for the printer through ij.start.canon.
  • After that, then, install the Canon driver file for your printer for the next step.
  • Choose the Wireless option for your method of connection while installing the process.
  • After that, turn the Canon printer to start the setting process.
  • Click on the network button of your Canon printer.
  • Then, locate the LAN setting in the window for network information.
  • Next, select then the Wireless LAN option and click on Wireless LAN setup.
  • After that, choose next the Easy Wireless Connection option.
  • At the end, you must complete the setup procedure.

How to Setup Direct Connect Mode on Your Canon Printer?

  • Begin by opening your Canon Printer Inkjet application on your device.
  • Then, follow the instructions to begin the process.
  • Select the “Connect a printer via direct connection” method.
  • Then, click the Yes button.
  • Enter your password and network SSID and password into the required field to create an account.
  • After that, you can open the Wi-Fi settings, and then select the Canon printer series.
  • Click on “Keep Wi-Fi connection” and close the tab.
  • Finally, you’ve completed this step. Direct Connect Mode on your device.

Install Wireless Canon Printer on Windows

  • Turn on your Canon ij printer.
  • Select the WiFi connection setup option and connect method
  • Choose to the WPS option.
  • Then enter the code for the password, and join the printer through your wireless network.
  • Open https://ij.start.com non URL on the web browser.
  • Download Canon printer drivers for windows.
  • Begin the installation by choosing Run.
  • Click Yes to accept the license terms.
  • Select the appropriate choice when that the Extended Survey Program appears.
  • Be sure to connect correctly to move forward.
  • If you are required you will need to install another driver for your printer or scanner.